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A folder in the file cabinet in the Church Office yielded up a lot of historical records that have been copied here for wider exposure.  Also, any comments as to significance or other are welcome.

 This appears to be a short history as of 199?  Can anyone date it more precisely?

History of St. Matthew's
 PLC evolved from St. Matthew's Lutheran Church and this is a short history found in the archives.
Separation from St. Matthew's Page 1
Separation from St. Matthew's Page 2
 In November 1975 some members of St. Matthew's departed to form Peace Lutheran Church.

PLC Constitution Page 1
PLC Constitution Page 2
 The original constitution for PLC (too rough to OCR)

Membership in Great Rivers Synod

 On January 5, 1977 PLC became a part of the Great Rivers Synod

Transfer to English Synod

 By June 1980 transferred to English Synod